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Diet and Nutrition

Research suggests that sperm quality, conception and miscarriage rates can all be affected by the foods we eat and the way we live. It takes around 3 months for the egg and sperm to mature. So for both partners the earlier you start to improve your diet the better. However it’s never too late to make positive changes and if you are successful in conceiving you will already be eating healthily to support pregnancy. There are a number of factors to consider:
  • Diet and nutrient status
  • Weight
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment and avoidance of toxins
  • Diet and Nutrient Status
We understand how stressful fertility treatment can be. So making changes to your diet can seem like another challenge. Our aim is to help you to find solutions that fit your lifestyle and the type of foods that you like to cook and eat. We have a large bank of easy to follow and tasty recipes. We also have suggestions for healthier convenience products for when you are pushed for time.

Weight If you are either underweight or overweight this can affect your fertility. We can help you achieve the right weight at the right rate. Ideally your BMI should be between 20 and 25 in order to produce the appropriate levels of hormones to regulate menstruation and ovulation. In addition to being the right weight you also need to have the correct levels of body fat.

Lifestyle There are obvious things you can do to improve your fertility such as stopping smoking and drinking alcohol, reducing caffeine and minimising the intake of unnecessary medication. However the right levels of exercise are also important. In addition too much stress and not enough sleep can impact your fertility. Whilst it is difficult to avoid stress completely you can eat healthily which may reduce the impact stress has on your fertility.

Environment and Toxins What you are exposed to every day can significantly affect fertility. We can help you identify potential toxins that you may be coming into contact with at work, in the home or garden or when travelling. We are all subjected to an increasing number of free radicals, which can damage cells in our bodies, including sperm and eggs. The best way to protect you against this damage is to have a high antioxidant status. This is important for everyone but especially important for older couples who will have had greater exposure over time.

Our Service You can have a consultation as a couple (1 ½ hours) or as an individual (1 hour). See fees page for prices. Follow up consultations are also available to support you through your fertility treatment and into pregnancy. When you book an appointment for a nutritional advice consultation, you will each be asked to complete a food diary and a health questionnaire. You then return these to us at least 48 hours before your appointment as we like to ensure that we optimise the time we spend with you. In the consultation we make recommendations on dietary changes and agree an action plan with you, which we summarise and send to you soon afterwards. If required we will suggest supplements, which are most appropriate to your needs. We also provide meal suggestions, recipes and shopping guides for healthier products. Supplements  For Men Fertilix® is a unique blend of natural vitamins and minerals that act as hydrophilic (water-soluble) or lipophilic (fat-soluble) antioxidants. Collectively, these vitamins and minerals support sperm health at the molecular level, protecting DNA and other cellular components from free radical damage and other physiological and environmental stressors. The Fertilix® antioxidant formulations are available in 3 strengths specifically designed to meet your individual need, depending on your age, lifestyle, DNA integrity and method of conception (natural or assisted). DNA Integrity Green (Normal) Take Fertilix-Preconceptual: This formulation combines a mild dose of essential antioxidants for men wishing to conceive naturally. DNA Integrity Amber (Moderate Integrity) Take Fertilix-Low Dose: This formulation combines a moderate dose of essential antioxidants for men wising to conceive naturally or by assisted conception. DNA Integrity Red (Poor Integrity) Take Fertilix-Max: This formulation provides maximum antioxidant protection for men at risk of high levels of sperm oxidative stress. Further information on Fertilix® can be found at Purchases can be made at Enter the code NLF10 to receive a 10% discount on your purchase. For Women Proxeed® fertility supplements complement a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, providing the important nutrients that can aid fertility and reproduction in couples who are trying for a baby. With their patented formulations, combining vitamins, minerals and energy-producing carnitines. Proxeed® for Women and Proxeed® Plus for Men supply energy to the developing egg and sperm, while providing protection from oxidative stress. Purchases can be made at Enter the code NLE001 to receive a discount on your purchase.