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Egg donation

What is Egg Donation?

A woman’s ovaries often lose their ability to produce the healthy eggs needed to conceive for a variety of reasons, such as age, genetic disorders, previous surgeries, etc. Due to this reason, many women turn to egg donation. Fortunately this technique has the highest pregnancy rate and several other advantages: no need for ovarian stimulation or daily injections, and a lower miscarriage rate due to chromosomal abnormalities related to patient age.

Who donates Eggs?

At Newlife we have developed a working relationship with ‘Instituto Bernabeu’ in Alicante. We have found the institute of a high calibre and whoshare our ethos and philosophy. At the Instituto Bernabeu, the selection of the most suitable donor for each couple is an extremely meticulous process in such a way that physical features and characteristics should be as close as possible to the recipient mother’s. Their success rates per cycle are between 40-70%.

Donations in Spain are anonymous and altruistic. At Instituto Bernabeu, all donors (as well as sperm donors) are extensively screened for chromosomal and genetic conditions in order to provide you and your offspring with an extra safety measure. In addition to the previous studies, donors are evaluated by their psychologist.

At the time of embryo transfer you will receive all the psychological, clinical and genetic studies the donor has gone through during the strict selection process.

The average age of the donors is 25 years and due to the large donation programme, there is no waiting list for treatment.

How does the Egg Donation process work?

In parallel, the recipient mother begins simple non-invasive investigations such as blood tests, hysteroscopy and scans which prepares her for the upcoming transfer of embryos. This preparation is initially managed and monitored at Newlife according to their protocol. Following a successful outcome, early pregnancy treatment and care would continue at Newlife, in particular for those women who are on specialist treatment programmes such as immune therapy.

Egg donation in Spain is anonymous and altruistic, according to current Spanish legislation. Before a female donor is assigned to a recipient couple, she undergoes a strict battery of tests administered by our multidisciplinary team.

Why choose Egg donation at Newlife?

In Europe, Instituto Bernabeu is a point of reference for oocyte donation cycles due to their 15 years of experience, their high number of oocyte donors and their socio-cultural level. Newlife has developed a great working relationship with the institution. They can guarantee:

  • No waiting lists
  • Exhaustive medical and genetic testing of all donors
  • Complete compatibility between donor and recipient from a medical standpoint
  • Exclusive assignment of one donor per recipient, which allows a greater number and better quality of oocytes for donation
  • Meticulous selection process regarding physical characteristics to ensure similarity to the recipient mother
  • Pregnancy Guarantee

Although Newlife would introduce patients to Instituto Bernabeu, the medical responsibility and legal accountability lies with Instituto Bernabeu and not with Newlife Clinic.

For more information on Instituto Bernabeu, please visit their website by clicking here.