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Fertility Assessment

Are you assuming you will fall pregnant naturally and easily? Would you like reassurance about this?

Most women assume that falling pregnant when the time is right will happen easily and naturally. Although this does happen for the majority of people, for 1 in 6 couples conceiving is a difficult and stressful process. Although many factors affect fertility, the greatest factor is the age of the women. As the female partner’s age increases, her ovarian reserve (potential number of eggs) decreases. The decline after age 35 is the greatest, up to almost 50%.

A fertility assessment will provide you with the information with which you can make decisions that may affect your future. It may help you decide when it would be right to start a family, make changes to lifestyle to enhance your chances of conception or whether you need to consider gamete preservation for use at a later date.

Whatever the reason, Newlife is here to help by providing expert advice, support and treatment options.

Female fertility assessment package:

An initial consultation with a fertility expert, which will include:

  • A review of your general medical history and discussion of any gynaecological problems. Medical advice will be provided as required.
  • Fertility scans with antral follicle count. This will assess female reproductive health and include evaluation of uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes on scan.
  • Discussion of AMH (anti mullerian hormones) and other female hormone blood test results. The blood test will be done in advance so that the results are available for discussion at the time of consultation and scan. AMH reflects the number of the remaining egg or ovarian reserve. With increasing female age the size of the pool of remaining follicles decreases. Likewise the number of antral follicles visible on ultra sound decreases.

Male fertility testing package:

Although the male sperm is not affected by age, about 30% of fertility issues are linked to the male partner. The Male fertility assessment can highlight any issues sooner so that lifestyle changes and preventive actions can be discussed.

The male fertility testing package will include the following assessments:

  • Semen assessment – sperm count, motility, and other sperm parameters are measured. This is not a full diagnostic test, and further diagnostic testing may be required. This test is in advance of the consultation, so that the results are available for discussion at the consultation.
  • Consultation with fertility specialist – a review of medical history considering any medical conditions, and reproductive history. Medical and lifestyle advice will be given as necessary.

Should you decide to proceed to egg or semen preservation there will be a reduction of £75 off the fee.