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Subfertility causes significant stress and anxiety in couples trying to conceive. It is estimated that one in six couples are affected, however most of these problems can be overcome with the advances that have been made in assisted reproduction technology.

Research has shown that female factors account for 30% of cases, male factors for a further 30%, and combined male and female factors account for 20%, while the remaining 20% are unexplained. We believe combining advanced reproductive immunology investigations and treatment with our high technology facilities and holistic approach, the 20% figure of unexplained factors can be reduced, resulting in a higher success rate.

In choosing a clinic for investigation and treatment of subfertility, it is important that the couple base their decision on the expertise available and the facilities and treatment offered. Whilst Newlife Fertility Centre is new, the team assembled of doctors, embryologists, nurses and counsellors, are highly experienced and the facilities are second to none. We are targeting very high success rates and high quality service.

This website has been designed to provide practical information to couples who need fertility treatment so that they can make informed decisions ahead of their consultations. The website will also provide information for GPs and other clinicians wishing to refer patients. The centre will hold regular open evenings for couples considering fertility investigations and treatment where they can acquire further information.

The Newlife Fertility Centre recognises the individuality of each couple and the emphasis in adopting a holistic approach tailored to their individual needs and requirements. We strongly encourage participation in the planning of each patient’s treatment and decision-making. This is to help in building trust, confidence and a generally pleasant atmosphere in which couples can look forward to achieving the pregnancy they so desire.

In a few circumstances it is not always possible to achieve a pregnancy. In these situations, our supportive counsellors would help those couples to come to terms with their subfertility problems and explore other potential avenues towards a fulfilled life.