Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00 Weekend appointments available for patients in treatment

Holistic Care

At Newlife, our philosophy is to provide the best in modern fertility treatment. For us, this also includes providing a wide range of complementary therapies to help patients both succeed in achieving pregnancy as well as supporting them through the treatment process. Over the last few years, complementary therapies are increasingly featuring in fertility treatment, due to published research that show how they can decrease stress and improve success rates.

Newlife offers experienced practitioners that provide acupuncture, diet and nutrition, massage, reflexology, as well as yoga. These are all aimed to give patients the best possible chance of success, as well as providing an outlet for any tension and anxiety that patients may have.

It is also natural that they want an explanation from their doctors of what has gone wrong. The investigation and diagnosis for miscarriage however is not always straightforward and this can add to the parent’s anxiety.

Fertility Retreat Days are now also available, please see our Events section or contact the clinic for more information.