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Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00 Weekend appointments available for patients in treatment


State of the art newly built Laboratory

To complement the best professionals in the field of fertility, Newlife insists on the highest quality equipment for the laboratory. During construction we chose leading companies and suppliers whom we trust implicitly. We want the best for the patients under our care, and the equipment and monitoring systems we have, give us absolute confidence that we can deliver in our role to help fulfil dreams.


The laboratory has air quality and temperature monitoring systems in place with specialised work areas which provide a stable temperature and clean air environment at all times. Small chamber incubators with low oxygen atmosphere provide excellent stability and optimal culture conditions for your embryos.

The overarching objectives of our laboratory are:

  • Security for your gametes and embryos
  • The best possible environment for embryo growth
  • Regular updates and information
  • Your peace of mind

Embryology Service at Newlife

An important part of the laboratory service is communication. We are here to answer all your questions and you will have access to a generous amount of embryologist time. We believe that it is important for us to explain the processes and procedures that take place within the laboratory and that you have the opportunity to ask us questions prior to commencing treatment or at any time during a treatment.

A member of the lab team will:

  • Speak to you on the day of treatment to confirm the procedures that are to be performed.
  • Call you the following day to advise on fertilisation.
  • Update regularly on embryo development and advise on day of embryo transfer (ET).
  • Talk to you at time of ET to explain the embryo development and advise on freezing.


Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to track and record patient samples at each step of the ART process, RI Witness™ works as a safeguard and a reassurance for both clinic staff and our patients. At the same time, the system captures information regarding the cycle progress and operator actions, creating and electronic audit trail.

Saturn LASER™

This system allows us to perform intricate procedures including embryo biopsy for genetic testing and assisted hatching with complete confidence. The Saturn™ laser system uses cutting edge fibre-optic and laser technology optimised for safety, accuracy and smooth operation. By employing a higher laser power, Saturn™ applies less energy to achieve a specified whole size in comparison to lower power laser systems, ensuring embryo safety.

  • Precise – Sub-micron accuracy and unique computer controlled laser with guaranteed laser alignment
  • Safest Power – Lowest laser pulse energy for minimal energy near critical cells – Exclusion Zone™ feature ensures cell safety

Sample Security

The equipment we have is fully validated. We comply with best practice and regulatory requirements by having an independent monitoring system that tracks incubator performance, refrigerator temperatures and storage tanks 24/7. In the unlikely event of equipment failure we are alerted immediately and have a backup power supply that can support all of the critical equipment if there is a power failure.

Primo Vision Time-Lapse Embryo Monitoring System

This system allows us to monitor embryos constantly without the need to remove them from the incubator. It records the embryo development and allows us to analyse and compare the growth of each embryo, enabling us to select or exclude embryos for ET based on key information that is not available or apparent using traditional methods of embryo grading. Use of this technology allows us to avoid using embryos that have undergone abnormal development and would not be expected to implant or have a low chance of success.