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Angel Abraham

Clinical Embryologist

Clinical Embryologist

Angel Abraham completed her Master’s in Biotechnology from the University of Bedfordshire, London in 2011. She started her career as a Junior Embryologist at the Centre for Infertility Management and Assisted Reproduction (CIMAR Cochin) in 2012, one of the prestigious organizations in South India under the leadership of Dr Parasuram Gopinath.

Angel has been able to grow within her career as she has worked between different prestigious organizations and their satellite centres all over India and Nepal.

Before joining Newlife in 2022, Angel worked with Dr Amin Gafar in Qatar who is one of the founders of Newlife Clinic.

Angel has been trained and validated in doing embryo biopsies and has a special interest in oocyte vitrification, thawed oocytes, ICSI cycles and embryo development.

She has an emotional attachment to choosing a career in Assisted Reproductive Techniques as her mother had to go through fertility treatment and so this helps her understand the emotional, mental and physical trauma anyone has to go through when embarking upon fertility treatments.

Angel strives to help change the lives of people by making their family complete.
Angel is always smiling, she is a very warm and gentle person who makes such a positive impact to the clinic and her patients.