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Success rates

At Newlife there are no selection criteria for patients. Our speciality is treating difficult and complex cases, repeated IVF cycle failure and achieving success through immunology. Without giving patients any false hope, we believe we can offer patients with a history of recurrent IVF failure, a better chance of success by studying the role of their immune system in pregnancy.

The HFEA advises that it is not meaningful to directly compare clinic success rates, as clinics treat patients with different diagnoses and this will affect the average success rates. Success rates are only one factor to consider when deciding which clinic is best for you. The HFEA provide a useful tool to help you decide on a clinic. You can find national data on fertility treatment 2019 trends and figures on the HFEA website.

Our latest live birth success rates for 2019, and pregnancy rates for 2020 are published below.

The HFEA publishes on its website the results of every licensed clinic in the UK:

To understand fertility success rates and other factors that are important when choosing a fertility clinic please refer to the HFEA website: