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What makes us different

What makes us different from other Fertility Clinics?

Here at the Newlife Fertility Clinic, our main goal is to provide a dedicated and high standard fertility service tailored to suit each individual patient’s needs, delivered in a professional and caring manner. Unlike other clinics, Newlife provides a 7-day a week service, with total commitment, care and practises based on the best scientific evidence. We strive to instil a deep sense of quality and personal touch in the level of care experienced by each and every patient.

Unlike most clinics that send their patients elsewhere to carry out particular treatments, Newlife has all the facilities in our building to offer our patients all the relevant procedures and treatments required for their personalised IVF treatment cycle. Instead of sending our patients to various other facilities or locations, we are able to offer them the following all within our one location.

At Newlife, not only do we offer a variety of advanced fertility and immunology treatments, we also provide the following range of treatments and services on site:

  • blood testing
  • ultra sound scans
  • acupuncture
  • reflexology
  • massage
  • nutritional advice
  • genetic testing
  • fertility assessments
  • counselling

We are also able to provide certain medication on site to all of our patients meaning we will not transfer you elsewhere to receive them. At Newlife, we have state of the art facilities, laboratory and specialist doctors & staff to offer all of the above treatments under one roof ensuring our patients receive the best care and IVF experience possible.